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Posted by david on January 26, 2012

Discovering The Secret Of The Popularity Of Moroccan Cuisine

Author: Seomul Evans

Moroccan cuisine offers one of the most delectable and diverse dining experiences in the world. The food is awe inspiring to say the least. One of the reasons for its astounding popularity the world over is the diversity that has been lent to Moroccan aliments brought in through the borrowings from various cuisines that include the specialties from cultures such as Berber, Iberian, Arab, Mediterranean African, Average Eastern and Moorish cultures.

With so many influences and several eras full of experimentations carried out by talented chefs has given a new dimension to Moroccan cuisine. Its flavors, aromas, and the aesthetic value of the preparations all culminate to provide the diners an unforgettable experience. From the aristocratic kitchens and their able cooks in places like Meknes, Fez, Rabat and Tetauan to the elegant modern day restaurants of the Medina of Marrekech, it is avante garde Moroccan cuisine at its best.

Morocco has often been at the nucleus of several cultures through wars and alliances the cultures crept into Morocco and forever impacted the cultural fabric of the country including its cuisine. Even though its common place to see women from all over the world flocking to Moroccan recipe sites they seldom manage to capture the local flavors of the preparations simply because Moroccan cuisine revolved around the fulcrum of locally found ingredients.

The history, traditions and the story of the country are reflected in its gastronomic delights. The various settlements forever altered the Moroccan perception of flavors and aromas. Decades ago refugees would take flight from Baghdad to reach the safe haven of Morocco. But even though they left their belongings back they did bring along knowledge about their local cuisine which mingled with the local preparations making them richer and adding a new dimension to them. One of the traditional dishes that has been influenced by Iraqi cuisine is the bake apple.

Another country that has greatly influenced the Moroccan cuisine is Spain. The Spanish, Moorish Andalusian culinary traits were brought along by Muslim refugees who were befuddled out of Spain during the inquisition. All these influences intermingled with the local produce to create a one of its kind culinary culture. Everything that is grown locally is used with great creativity in the traditional cuisine. Poultry, meats fishes and vegetables all are used to create the extraordinary delicacies of the country.

The Spices

The exclusivity and the uniqueness of Moroccan cuisine can be attributed to their ingenious use of spices which form an integral part of the gastronomic traditions. One of the best places to purchase spices in Morocco is Agadir, you can get spices to add an assortment of colors and flavors to your food. These spices are used in all Moroccan preparations and guarantee a taste that will linger in your memory for the rest of your life. Although the people of Morocco cannot imagine without these spices they were not originally grown in the country.

Some of the commonly used spices include saffron, pepper, turmeric, ginger, sesame seeds, paprika, anis seed, parsley, cinnamon, cumin and others.

The Moroccan Meal

Moroccan dishes are heavenly concoctions that entice the senses and tingle the taste buds. A lot of imagination and the skill of many a talented chef has gone into Moroccan cuisine the way it appears today. A hot midday meal would start with a salad with fresh vegetables followed by the sumptuous tagine, then you will be served the couscous wit an assortment of vegetables and meat or fish. And the end of the meal is brought in with a cup of deliciously brewed tea.

Normally the couscous is served with locally grown vegetables and meats that primarily include poultry, lamb meat and fish; beef is also included but it is rare. The other meats are more common because they are easily and abundantly available.

The tagine and the couscous are not the only favorites the desserts of the country have their own special place in gastronomic history and you simply must taste Moroccan cuisine to experience its true splendor because no amount of words would be able to adequately and justifiably define the gastronomic adventure that Moroccan cuisine is.

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January 26, 2012

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