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Posted by david on January 21, 2012

Food is used to generate energy and building body tissues and renewal. Imbalance between the amount of energy consumed to that exploited by the body is expressed by starvation, or growth of body fat tissue mass. In addition, building materials imbalance, whether a surplus or a deficit, which can cause disease or malfunction of the body. Health perspective, to ensure the balances of these, one needs to develop diets based on whole food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. These habits are called “good nutrition”.

Affluent West, food is plentiful of all types, so even people who do not wish to decrease or weight gain sometimes consult with a nutritionist to ensure consumption of all food groups and the appropriate amount to put together a daily menu to include everyone. This prevents a situation of missing body, although most rare deficiency diseases have become the most recent decades. However, the daily menu are extremely unbalanced may still make them. You can perform a blood test to detect excess or lacking vital substances in the body.

Ministry of Health in each country publishes recommendations for proper nutrition. You can check on these recommendations that the daily menu is indeed varied and includes all food groups. These suggestions are only general, not contain recommended amounts (because of discrepancies between the data of each person) and depend on various studies conducted in each country. In the United States for example, increased financial support restricted diets – the Atkins diet carbohydrates such as, and following the flood of articles condemning the excess carbohydrates consumed by the American people, U.S. Department of Health has updated its recommendations and reduced the amount of carbohydrate servings recommended for consumption.

There are studies linking diet in infancy earning capacity in adulthood. Research published in the British medical journal “The Lancet” found that people Goatmlim cleaned well immediately after being born, earn an average of more than 50% of salary than those who did not breast-fed them. “The blind trial” carried out a study in which a certain number of infants was given high dietary supplement, and to a certain number of infants presented low nutritional supplement. The research result was, whose toddlers who received high dietary supplement, received on average higher wages as adults.

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January 21, 2012


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