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Posted by david on February 26, 2012

Understanding about Chinese Food Nutrition – Is Chinese food Healthy and Good for Weight People?

Author: Chai Yung

Is Chinese Food Healthy?

Chinese food tastes delicious and is preferred by many people across the globe. But, is Chinese food healthy? Is having Chinese food good for weight conscious people? Read on to understand about Chinese food nutrition…

Chinese cuisine is popular all over the world for its rich flavor, aroma and color. As per global estimation, more than one-third of the population have Chinese food on a regular basis. No wonder, it is appreciated as one of the greatest cuisines of the world. The increased interest in the Chinese style of cooking is evident from the booming Chinese restaurants in the west and many other regions. This is how the American Chinese cuisine has evolved in order to suit the taste of the western palates.

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If you crave for Chinese fried rice or noodles, you are not alone. There are so many people who love Chinese food and do not get bored, even if they have it on every weekends. No doubt, Chinese food recipes enriched with sauce and flavorful culinary herbs, are delicious in a unique way. But, is Chinese food healthy? Or is Chinese food bad for you? These are some of the most common queries that linger on the minds of Chinese food lovers. Scroll down to find the answers to these questions.

Is Chinese Food Healthy for You?

In today’s generation, all of us are more concern about the calorie count, rather than the delicacy of a particular dish. To be precise, most people consider the ingredients and method of cooking first, before trying out a food recipe. If taste is the first priority, green salads would have not been so popular as they are today. As far as Chinese food is concerned, the authentic or real Chinese cuisine is very healthy. In fact, it is often acknowledged as one of the healthiest food in the world.

If you go through recipes of ancient Chinese food, you will come to know about the common ingredients – vegetable oils (no cheese, cream or butter), lean meat cuts, loads of vegetables and sauce for flavoring. Thus, unlike other cuisines, vegetable oils or polyunsaturated oils are used as a cooking medium in Chinese cuisine. And the quantity of vegetable is more than meat. So, people who are very conscious about their health can enjoy authentic Chinese food without worrying much about high animal fat content.

Coming to the answer for ‘is Chinese food healthier than pizza’, yes it is. According to nutritionists, approximately 20 percent of the calories in pizza are contributed by saturated fats. Whereas, in case of Chinese food, saturated fat counts to 4-7 percent of the total calories. Nevertheless, in this comparison also, the condition authentic Chinese food applies. Otherwise, stir fry recipes contain high amounts of fats, which is not healthy at all. In such a case, pizza may be a healthier option than Chinese dish.

With this, I hope you got your answers for ‘is Chinese food healthy’ and ‘is Chinese food fattening’. On a concluding note, the deciding factor for healthiness of Chinese food depends entirely upon where you dine and the specific recipe that you have ordered. At any point, it is wise to avoid Chinese fast foods and from takeaway too. They are loaded with saturated fats and the meat used in the dishes are not of lean cuts. The best alternative is to prepare Chinese food on your own at home. That way, you can reduce the amount of soy sauce and salt, maintain the food quality and ensure a healthy meal for you and your family members.

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