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Junk Foods versus Healthy Foods

Posted by david on May 28, 2012

Author: Forest

Junk foods are those food materials which are perceived to be having none or very little nutritional value when consumed. As it has been revealed, junk foods’ ingredients are incapable of sustaining healthy body; which renders them somewhat useless in the body. However, junk food materials ought not to be under-rated in terms of their significance in the body. At sometimes, junk foods play important roles in human body; as they are involved in various metabolic activities, despite of them having low nutritional value. Though junk foods have been considered unhealthy for consumption, they have been found to be the most consumed foods among the people, as they are pleasurable to eat. In most cases, junk foods have been found to form addictions and obsessive as their continuous intake arouses the urge of wanting to consume them more often (Sanjur 88).

Most health care providers have been advocating for reduction of intake of junk foods among the people, as they lead to reduction of capacities to consume healthy foods. Junk healthy foods are always ready to consume and therefore, the tendency of people consuming them more often than healthy foods is high. For example sugary and fatty foods like ice creams and cakes among others have been found to be most liked by children, due to their availability and easy access without wasting a lot of time. As a result, many children end up concentrating in consuming such foods in larger amounts than healthy foods. Soft drinks like sodas also have been found to be liked among all the age-groups, despite having not worthy nutritional value. Such kinds of food materials have always been habit-forming, resulting into failure to improve one’s health; as such foods have no credible nutritional values (Winkleman 28).

Relationship between Healthy and Junk Foods

Healthy foods are those food materials capable of improving ones health by stimulating various body metabolisms. More specifically, healthy foods have very high nutritional values, resulting into their ability to improve and sustain body metabolic activities among the people. Healthy foods and junk foods have been found to complement each other in a way. Sometimes, individuals may be totally lacking appetite to eat healthy foods. As a result, they end up going for junk foods which in most cases results into increased appetites among the consumers. At other times, junk foods have been found to be accompaniments of healthy foods. This occurs in cases where the food to be taken requires soft drinks like sodas among others. For instance, bread may be healthy food, but its consumption without a soft drink may be difficult. On this basis, people may consume the bread with soda, even if it has no significant nutritional value. In this case, the soda acts as a facilitator for the successful consumption of the bread (O’Brian 20).

More so, junk foods usually arouse appetite to eat healthy foods; in which they act as appetite stimulators among low appetite individuals. For example, an individual may be unwilling to eat fried meat, but when some other additives are put in the food, the individual finds it more appetizing. In such cases, the junk foods would have played a very significant role of improving and reinstating appetite to eat other healthy foods. Certainly, junk foods and healthy foods have been found to intersect in various ways, where each food material taken, whether junk or healthy, finds its specific importance in meals (Houston 53).

At other times, junk foods have also been found to moderate the effects of excessive intake of healthy foods. More specifically, some individuals may over-consume healthy foods resulting into various health hazards. For instance, people who consume a lot of carbohydrates and fatty foods have been found to be prone to obesity and overweight body conditions. In this case, the individuals would find it useful to incorporate junk foods in their meals so as to reduce the rates of their body weights. In this case therefore, junk foods would be very helpful to individuals who have been found to have overweight conditions, by replacing the previously consumed high amounts of fats and carbohydrates with less nutritive foods. By so doing, the junk foods incorporated in the meals would act as weight gain moderators by having fewer nutrients to reduce the rate of weight increase among the individuals (Vargas 82).

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