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Posted by david on July 9, 2012

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It is very important for one to be eating a healthy diet prior to any mountain climb. Menus for all climbs should have a balanced diet. It should contain plenty of proteins and carbohydrates. Foods easiest to digest at high attitude should be chosen first. Every meal or main course must contain vegetables and salad. In the morning, you can choose what you want to have for breakfast. This can be granola, toast, fruit, eggs, and sometimes pancakes or French toast. During lunch time, you can have pasta or rice with fish or chicken as you climb up the mountain.

Lunches are normally taken as you are on the trail, either up or down the mountain. Fresh and hot vegetable soups are served after every meal though packed soup, tea or coffee can be made available on request. Make sure to do the climb with expert mountaineers as they will ensure that you will have the best foods for your summit. These companies normally have expert cooks who prepare all the meals for you.

You should be fit for any trek or mountain climb. A doctor’s through check up and go ahead is necessary for any summit. You should also be able to know to what limits your body can go to. Another thing is that you should keep fit, exercise regularly and eat well a few months before the planned mount climb. You can also choose to take routes that are not very difficult. You must also be over sixteen years old in order to take this trip.

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