Benefits of a Support System

Posted by david on May 19, 2012

If achieving goals and realizing your dreams are encouraged through perseverance, persistence and enough motivation, why would you need to have a support system along the way? What is so special about having a support system? What would a support system give you? There are a lot to know about support system.
In anything you do for yourself as you realize your plans or goals, there may come a time when you need to slow down and check whether what you are doing is in keeping with the over-all plan or not. Losing weight for example is not immune to the many chances of being distracted, once in a while, by personal concerns and setbacks, not to mention the many questions you may have as you develop your own program and routine.
Consulting a professional about your plan is a good way to start your own exercise program but having friends along the way adds more to the fun and experience of your own journey. Since friends and family members are always there when you need to, talking out your plans and concerns to them add meaning to the whole experience especially when you need positive thoughts in working your way.
A support system is a network of friends, family members, acquaintances who know what is happening to you and provide you the non-material support that you need to realize your personal dreams and goals. This support system is established as one takes the opportunities to be open to the people who can directly influence the way you live or direct your life.
Your own support system is like a mirror where you can actually see yourself as becoming fitter or not in the course of your plans. There are a lot of benefits in having your own support system. Benefits of having a support system include:
· A safe environment for personal reflection and sharing
· A place to air out personal concerns and worries
· Helpful answers to your very own questions
· Give a realistic assessment of your own goals
· Could provide you with a healthy self-doubt by presenting other possibilities to your concern
· The sense of enjoyment in working with a group of people who value what you do
· Encourage you to persevere
· Remind you of your goals
· Help motivate you when you are slacking off
· Check your thoughts
· Allow you to socialize and meet people
· Provides opportunities to direct one’s concern outside of one’s self once in a while
· Give suggestions that you may have overlooked
These benefits and more are available to you as you develop and establish your very own support system. It does not need to be anything special with specific requirements and ‘to do’ lists. All you need to do is consider who are the people in your life that are more than willing to help you in making your dream come true. Who knows? These people might be as excited to change their lives through proper diet and healthy living just as you do.
I’ll be keeping in touch for more tips on losing weight. See yeah!
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