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Lean cuisine frozen meals

Posted by david on May 19, 2012

Lean cuisine frozen meals

Author: bob

Some times work and life are moving to fast to enjoy a proper meal. I always try to take the time to cook a good dinner but lets be honest trying to build a healthy meal and managing a busy day is almost impossible Recently i have decided to go on a diet to try and loose a few pounds for summer season so I am watching both my calorie and fat intake very closely. I recently picked up some Len cuisine frozen meals. These meals are considered a “diet food” and the portion reflects it. They meals are low on calories and fats but are high in sodium which is to be expected with any frozen meal.

Lean cuisine comes in a variety of meals including “One Dish Classics”, “Comfort Classics”, “Café Classics”, “Spa Cuisine Classics”, “Skillets”, “Dinnertime Selects” and “Casual Eating”. Over 85 of Lean Cuisines entrees have received an endorsement from fitness coach Bob Greene, author of “The Best Life Diets”. Many of the frozen meals now include whole grains, twice the vegetables and omega 3’s to give them greater nutritional value.

The advantages of Lean cuisine are that you don’t have to take the time to make a proper diet meal you simply stick it int the microwave and heat it up. Also the variety of meals is astounding and they are all low calorie meals. the taste of the meals is great, almost good enough to fool you in thinking that it wasn’t a frozen meal. The only disadvantage i can think of is the high sodium content. If you are on a low sodium diet these meals are not for you. just like any other frozen meals they need to basically inject them with sodium as a preservative and also for taste

I would strongly recommend lean cuisine as a fall back while your on a diet. If you can;t make a meal one day the just grab a lean cuisine, but do not rely on them solely, for a proper diet you need to ensure your adding more to your meal plan then lean cuisine can even offer. also the sodium levels are just to high and that will impact your diet.

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